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Meet the LBC Staff! - April


April, Tippy, and Maggie (who is a little camera shy).

Your name: April

Which store do you work in or what is your main duty within The Loyal Biscuit Co. team?: My main duty is baking Fidelis Biscuit Treats! But luckily I get to work in all three stores (mostly Camden & Rockland, but I get to go up to Belfast too occasionally.)

How long have you been with The Loyal Biscuit Co.?: Since June 2011

How many furry, feathered, or scaled family members do you have and what are their names and ages?: I have 2 dogs, Maggie & Tippy. Maggie is a rescue from Pope Memorial HS and Tippy is a rescue from Arkansas.  They are both spoiled and sweet. Maggie likes to bark and show you a toy, and Tippy likes to wiggle and demand attention!

What’s one thing Loyal Biscuit customers might not know about you?: I used to do scientific research in Boston. I worked mostly on HIV and Hepatitis viruses.

List three favorites (e.g. color, food, movie, brand of toothpaste, etc): Favorite color is green (LBC green of course!) Favorite band is U2, Favorite store is any bookstore

How do you like to spend time outside of work?: When I'm not baking (which is kind of all the time) I like to read and snuggle with my pups!

Who would win in a fight, a caveman or an astronaut?: Astronaut if he or she is wearing those crazy space gloves

What’s one of your favorite products we sell and why is it a favorite?: I love Primal frozen marrow bones, beef ears, tracheas, Kongs etc. really anything for my pups to chew on while I'm baking so that they don't look at me with sad eyes and make me feel guilty that I'm not paying them enough attention!

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If you could spend the afternoon with any three people, living or passed, who would you choose and what would you spend the time doing?: I have no clue - I could think about that question all day!  I think I would pick a few friends that live very far away and just catch up with them. Maybe just 2 friends as well as Big Papi (David Ortiz from the Red Sox) just cause how fun would he be to spend an afternoon with???

If you had three wishes that you could use with only yourself in mind, what would you wish for (and “more/infinite wishes” doesn’t count)?: I would wish for 3 really great trips! Maybe an African safari, a trip to New Zealand and a tour through Europe.

What are you most proud of?: I'm really proud of the Fidelis Biscuit Treats. I worked on the recipe and packaging for a long time and I'm obviously partial, but I love them!

If you could hire any fictional character (from any medium) to work a day with you in the store, who would you pick and why?: I gotta go with someone who can do magic. Like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings or Samantha from Bewitched. We would have all sorts of fun working in the store that day!

What is one fact you learned in the past week?: I learned that for some reason my dog Tippy is afraid of beef ears. Really afraid of them. She cowers and shakes and tries to hide from them.  But if we cut her off a small piece of one, she overcomes her fear and will go ahead and eventually chew on it. Sooooooo weird!

If you could convince Heidi and Joel to open up a Loyal Biscuit anywhere in the world for you to work at, where would you choose?: Melbourne, Australia, or Portland, Oregon, or Paris, France, or Hawaii, or pretty much anywhere! I could just keep going & going - I love to travel and see new places :)

Tell us a joke!: Since I have a dog that loves, loves, loves to bark at all threats real and imagined how about this one:

Q: How do you keep your dog from barking in your front yard? A: Put it in your back yard!

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