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Meet the LBC Staff - Ashley!

Your name: Ashley

Which store do you work in or what is your main duty within The Loyal Biscuit Co. team?: I’m usually found in Rockland on Sundays and Mondays, but I’ve also done a few appearances in Camden on Saturdays. I also write this blog and work on some of the social media stuff like the LBC instagram and twitter.

How long have you been with The Loyal Biscuit Co.?: I’ve been with the LBC since the middle of May, 2013.

How many furry, feathered, or scaled family members do you have and what are their names and ages?: I have three furry critters; two cats and one dog. Harry and Gracie Lynn are the kitties. They are seven and four respectively. There is also Prudence who is the sole pup. She is five.

Prudence, Harry, and Gracie

What’s one thing Loyal Biscuit customers might not know about you?: I’m a total tv junkie. My current obsessions are BBC’s Sherlock, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Hannibal, Mad Men, Archer, Elementary, Suits, Orphan Black, the list could go on ad infinitum. I also regularly rewatch old favorites like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Angel, Dead like Me, Pushing Daisies.. I think you get the point. I would probably be lost without DVR, Netflix, and Hulu. An extra fun fact: I was born on Christmas.

List three favorites (e.g. color, food, movie, brand of toothpaste, etc): My favorite scent is lemon, my favorite crafting item is glitter, and my favorite things to collect are owl mugs and figurines.  

How do you like to spend time outside of work?: I usually do a lot of reading, either books or research for future blog posts. I also like to come up with craft project and attempt to make them, hang out with Prudence and the kitties, watch tv (obviously), fight with baddies on my Xbox, and occasionally leave the house when my friends drag me outside (I’m a homebody, what can I say).

Who would win in a fight, a caveman or an astronaut?: Gonna go with astronaut. He has tech on his side that the caveman doesn’t.

What’s one of your favorite products we sell and why is it a favorite?: Hands down the Kong Geniuses, especially the Mike. There are so many customers who are looking for a long lasting chew to keep their dog occupied. While this isn’t a chew, once you stuff it with goodies, it can keep a dog occupied for a very long time and since the opening is a little smaller than the typical Kong, it’s a bit more challenging. My favorite thing to do with Prudence’s Mike is to fill it with kibble, shove either a Texas Taffy or a Wizzler down in so it sticks out on one end (or both depending on how big the treat or how small the Mike), cover both ends in Greek yogurt (you could also do peanut butter), and then freeze it. I’ll often do this in place of one of Pru’s meals and it keeps her busy for quite awhile.

Photo Source

If you could spend the afternoon with any three people, living or passed, who would you choose and what would you spend the time doing?: I would definitely have mid-afternoon drinks with Benedict Cumberbatch, David Tennant, and Jennifer Lawrence.

If you had three wishes that you could use with only yourself in mind, what would you wish for (and “more/infinite wishes” doesn’t count)?: 1. A T.A.R.D.I.S. (Doctor included) 2. The ability to enter and explore fictional worlds and meet the characters from them. 3. The ability to communicate with all animals.

If you could hire any fictional character (from any medium) to work a day with you in the store, who would you pick and why?: I want to say Sherlock (from the BBC adaption) but I think he would drive all of the customers away with his less than nice deductions. He would also probably get insanely bored and run off to find a murder. Instead I’d love to work with Olive Snook from Pushing Daisies. I imagine lots of singing.

What is one fact you learned in the past week?: A group of goldfish is called a troubling.

If you could convince Heidi and Joel to open up a Loyal Biscuit anywhere in the world for you to work at, where would you choose?: Ireland! Specifically somewhere on the Dingle Peninsula. I’ve visited Ireland twice and have just absolutely fallen in love. If I had an opportunity to move there, I would in a heartbeat.

Tell us a joke!: Q: What does a nosy pepper do? A: It gets jalapeño business.  

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