What Grace Feeds

Hi! I'm Grace and I manage the Hallowell store!  

This is a regular meal for Suzie the 5 year old Cockapoo. She has many food allergies I need to avoid and she is also very particular about the food she eats (she does not make it easy). I have to avoid grains (rice, oatmeal, barley, etc), pumpkin, tapioca, and poultry (chicken and turkey). With all of these allergies, I thought feeding a balanced raw diet was an easy way to avoid her allergies, appease a picky dog, and feed a diet with minimal processing.

Right now she is eating Primal Frozen Raw Beef. I alternate with beef, pork, rabbit and on the occasion, venison. I try to stay with neutral or cooling proteins because of her allergies. What is not pictured is that she gets a small amount of Orijen Tundra dog kibble in the evening to nibble on if the raw was not enough. The Orijen Tundra is one of the only dog kibbles she will eat without an allergic reaction and the only dog kibble she will eat regularly.

In addition to her raw food, Suzie gets Earth Animal Yeast-Free internal powder to keep ticks and fleas off of her. She gets this year round. To help off-set the smell/taste of the powder I mix it with Bone broth before adding it to her food. She thinks the bone broth tastes great and it also adds more moisture to her food and is packed with great vitamins and minerals. Suzie also gets a cube of the Answers Raw Rewards Fermented Goat Cheese in the morning. It is a great source of probiotics and enzymes for her sensitive stomach and unlike other probiotic supplements I have tried, she eats it happily!

She cleans her plate every meal!
What we feed

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