Self Serve Dog Wash

By appointment ONLY!

Our facilities are currently available by appointment only in order to maintain a clean and safe environment for our customers during this time.

Appointments must be scheduled and paid for in advance

If your dog does not do well with other dogs, or has special needs or conditions, feel free to call us 443-3647 (Bath), 930-8100 (Belfast), 907-2323 (Brewer), 236-3354 (Camden-Rockport), 594-5269 (Rockland), or

660-9200 (Waterville) to set up an appointment to come in at a quiet time to assure a safe and comfortable environment for your pup.

Please note: Our Hallowell location does not have Self-Serve Dog Wash Stations available.

A clean dog is a happy dog!

Pricing & Details:

The dog wash is available to use for $16 per dog,

regardless of size, coat type, and coat length/condition. 

Our facilities are equipped with:

Elevated tubs

Shampoo & Conditioner of your choice

Fluffy towels

Automated temperature controlled warm water

High velocity, pet safe dryer

An assortment of grooming tools


  1. All dogs must be on a 6-foot or shorter leash or in carriers at all times and under the control of an adult.

  2. Pets are not to be left unattended at any time.

  3. Disruptive and/or aggressive dogs may be asked to leave, at management's discretion. You may make an appointment to come back before or after regular business hours.

  4. Children 16 years old and younger must be attended by and under the supervision of a parent or responsible adult at all times.

  5. Last wash is 1/2 hour before closing time (we close at 6pm Monday-Friday, 5pm on Saturday and Sunday).

  6. Important Skunk Policy: To ensure a pleasant environment for all, if your dog is sprayed by a skunk, you must first thoroughly treat your dog with a skunk remedy at least once at home and pass our "sniff test" before we will allow you to use our facility.

At-Home Skunk Remedy:

NOTE: This at-home skunk rinse remedy must be made FRESH, right before you apply it to your pets, otherwise it will not be effective.

In a plastic bucket, mix well the following ingredients:

  • 1 quart of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

  • 1/4 cup of baking soda

  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of liquid soap

For large breed dogs, you may need to double, triple, or even quadruple the mixture.

If you have any cuts on your hands, you may want to wear latex gloves as hydrogen peroxide can sting.

Do not wet down your pet prior to using this mixture. Apply the mixture to your pet's dry coat starting at their collar and working back towards their tail. Make sure to work the solution deep into their fur. Do not pour the solution near their eyes, as hydrogen peroxide can burn them. If your pet was sprayed in the faced, use a sponge or wash cloth to apply the solution to their head, being very careful to avoid their eyes.

Leave the solution on for about 5 minutes or until the odor is gone. Thoroughly rinse your pet with tepid tap water. When rinsing their head area, keep your pet's chin tilted upward so the solution does not run down into their eyes.


You may need to repeat the lather and rinse process up to three times.


Pour any remaining solution down the drain with running water. NEVER store pre-mixed solution in a closed bottle, sprayer, etc. Pressure will build up and can cause the container to burst.

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