Boredom Busters!

Here are some of our favorite BOREDOM BUSTERS!

1. Messy Mutts mat - Smear with peanut butter, like the Nutty Butter from Super Snouts Hemp Company or any natural PB (just make sure it has no xylitol in it!) You can use other things too - canned dog or cat food (yes, cats can do this too!), mushed bananas, plain yogurt, a can of water-based tuna - the list is endless! Throw it in the freezer fora longer-lasting treat. This mat was my number one thing in my travel bag when I had to fly with Kevin - it was a life saver!

2. Kong Goodie Ribbon - depending on the size, these holdHappy Howie's All Natural Dog Treatswoof sticks (another great occupier in my travel bag),Honey I'm Homebully sticks, or with the large size, it will hold a full-sized bully for long-lasting entertainment! You can also squeeze in some PB, canned pumpkin, or easy cheese in the holes and freeze it!

3. Kong Classic - Everyone loves a Kong! The possiblities to fill it are endless - also a great way to serve your kibble! Mix your kibble with some plain yogurt, plain pumpkin, canned food and freeze it! Pull it out at dinner time - a great way to slow down those fast eaters! (also available in extreme and puppy).

4. WEST PAW Quizzl - another great bully stick holder to keep them occupied!

5. Earth Animal No-Hide Chew! WE LOVE THESE (and so do all of our dogs!). They come in Chicken, Beef, Venison, Pork, Salmon, and Peanut Butter and are 4", 7" or 11" in length.