COVID-19 Information


As we navigate these ever-changing and challenging times, Loyal Biscuit Co. is committed to keeping you safe.

We offer in-store shopping, phone order shopping, or order online for in-store / curbside pick-up. Whatever method you prefer, we are here to help you!

Should you choose to shop in-store, please note the following precautions we are taking for when you visit us:​

  • Masks are required to shop in-store. Please wear one to help protect us. We will be wearing one to help protect you!

  • Please practice social distancing guidelines - we have placed 6 foot markers at our counter to help you navigate space.

  • We are lmited to the number of customers we can have in the store at one time and that number varies by store - please know if we are at capacity, you may need to wait outside.

  • Please only handle what you intend to buy. Look with your eyes, not your paws

  • Reusable shopping bags will not be allowed at this time.

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