I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For...

Ice Cream! What's in your ice cream? More importantly, what's in your dog's ice cream? I love hitting the couch with a pint of my favorite flavor (and I probably do it more than I should, but anyway...)

I don’t always think too much about the ingredients in what I eat, but when it comes to my dogs, that is a completely different story. I am very much aware of what they eat, how much they eat, where it was made, what it contains, and on and on and on.

When I first heard that one of my favorite ice cream makers was coming out with a dog variety, I got a little excited. But then, my protective “dog momma” instincts kicked in and the first thing I did was read the ingredients label to see what was in it.

To say I was disappointed was an understatement. Not only was I disappointed, I was horrified.

Sugar was the number TWO ingredient? Corn syrup (even more sugar!)? Corn starch? Cane Molasses (yet, even more sugar?). NO THANK YOU!

To me, it is upsetting that a national, well-loved brand that specializes in human food (and excellent marketing!) is trying their hand in the pet market without really doing their research on what is healthy for our dogs.

Many will see this as a fun, exciting treat for their dogs and trust in the brand that has built a fantastic reputation as a caring company and not think about reading the labels or the repercussions it can have on their pet's health.

Our mission for the Loyal Biscuit Co. is to develop healthy, happy dogs and cats by fostering a loving community for pets, their owners, and rescue organizations throughout Maine. We aim to achieve that by providing the best education, products, and experiences to our dog and cat communities, while giving back to Maine's animals in need.

If we feel that a product does not exemplify our mission, we choose not to put it on our shelves. You pet's health and wellbeing is our biggest concern when selecting new products to introduce to our stores. If you are looking for a cool, yummy ice cream to treat your pups (and cats too!), we highly recommend that you check out The Bear and the Rat Goat Milk Frozen Yogurts. You can find them in the freezers at your nearest Loyal Biscuit Co!

One of many reasons why we LOVE this product is their simple ingredient list! Check out how they compare to the new big name ice cream treats:

My number one advice is to ALWAYS read your labels. If someone is telling you not to read labels, they are trying to hide something.

Your pets depend on you to provide them with healthy (but still yummy!) foods to fuel and enhance their life - the number one thing you can do to help with that is to read their food and treat labels.

Now I think I need to go get some ice cream…