LBC Team Selected as Best in the Country!

Last August, Team LBC was selected by Pet Product News International with their 2019-2020 STELLAR STAFF award - being recognized as the NUMBER ONE PET SUPPLY STORE STAFF IN THE USA! This a huge accomplishment and I am STILL beaming with pride for my team.

As part of their award, the LBC was featured in their July issue (link attached).

As I said last August, "I have high expectations of our team - they are more than just clerks running a register. They are expected to know our products, understand dog and cat nutrition, be able to guide our customers with suggestions on the right food, treats, supplements, toys and more for their beloved pets. They need to deal with deliveries and phones and inventory things. They have to work events. They have to clean, and clean, and clean because a dirty store is just not acceptable. They have to put up with me and my wild, wacky ideas and my passion for bringing healthy and quality products to our communities in Maine. They help raise needed funds for our shelters and rescue organizations. They help decide where our grant money should go. They have to be kind, and helpful, and caring. And they have to do it all with a smile on their face."

And let me tell you - 2020 threw more at them then I could have ever imagined, and they have all handled it with grace, compassion, and love - even though they are all exausted from even more cleaning, the stress of the current world, constant change, and the abuse from people defying our COVID rules and taking their frustrations out on them.

They continue to work harder than ever - every single day - to make sure that you, our customers, are taken care of. Are we perfect, no, no one person or business will ever be. But they give it their all to help keep you and us safe and to create a wonderful community of dog and cat lovers throughout the state. They want to learn, and they want to share that information with you. They truly do care about you and your animals. They are the nicest group of people I know and deserve to be rewarded, and treated, as such.

Please make sure to congratulate them again the next time you come in

Sincerely, Heidi