What Ashleigh Feeds... (Part 2)

Hi again! It's Ashleigh from Brewer (AKA the lady with 6 dogs!). But it's confession time again... While I am definitely a “crazy dog lady” I have cats too! Both of the cats have been around long enough to remember “life without dogs” which seems like a foreign concept to me now. Even though they are very different cats (Hazel has that classic cattitude, while Sheva is basically a dog in a cat's body) they are best friends.

As is not uncommon with indoor cats, over the years we have struggled with food regurgitation and maintaining healthy weights. We have tried many different foods over the years and have finally found a system that works for them.

These photos shows a typical meal, which consists of half kibble and half canned. For dry food, I rotate flavors of Orijen with each bag. They also get a can split between them, with favorites being BFF - Oh My Gravy and Koha. We are not too strict on this though; throughout the week they might get many different meals; a can each with no dry, dry only with bone broth added for moisture and yumminess, or raw only (they love Primal Pronto!).

The biggest issue I discovered was one I was causing; overfeeding. It is amazing HOW LITTLE FOOD my lazy, older, indoor kitties really needed. With the foods they are eating they get lots of nutrition with a lot fewer calories, and they look great!

Another feature that is important to my kitty feeding regimen is not just what I'm feeding, but how. Mental enrichment is important for indoor cats, and food is the best motivator for my meal-fed (read: ready for dinner!!) girls. Sometimes I keep them out of the room while I prepare their bowls and hide them. With their dry food, I often ditch the bowl completely! I might scatter their kibble on the floor, in a cardboard box, or (as pictured) fill up a food dispensing ball.

Both cats love their meals; they sing to me as I prepare the dog dinner first and then lead me to their bowls, flying through the cat door at lightning speed!

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