What Heidi Feeds... (Part 1)

Hi! I'm Heidi and I own Loyal Biscuit Co. I am always asked what I feed and my answer is different every time! I am a huge believer in rotation and changing things up frequently - and making it as fresh as possible!

I have four dogs and a cat (I will do the cat feed in another post...) - here is what I am currently feeding my dogs, Fenway (11), Chuck (almost 9), George (6.5) and Piper (2).

Piper, the petite little pug, is getting Primal Pet Foods Pronto in beef - I do change the protein with each bag I open. The "Big Three" as I call them, are eating Primal frozen raw patties. I can't even remember the protein I used when I prepped these because I change it every bag.

They also get added Nupro and salmon oil for joint support - Fenway has had ACL surgery, George has had hip surgery, and Chuck has always been super athletic and runs a jumps A LOT, so I want to make sure to give them added supplements as they age. I will also change up their supplements from time to time and am QUITE excited to try the new elixirs from Primal, especially the Omega Mussel Melange that arrived this week!

I prep all their meals for a few days at a time, using a small mason jar for Piper and the Messy Mutts prep bowls for the Big 3. And yes, I need to go grocery shopping 😁

You do not need to feed a complete raw diet to incorporate some fresh in your pets diet - simply reducing 1/4 cup of kibble and replacing with one frozen or freeze-dried nugget helps to reduce the amount of processed food (and carby calories!) and increase the amount of fresh in their diet. Ask us for ideas on how to make their bowls more fresh and healthy!

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