Fling Into Spring!

With a glimpse of warmth and longer days, we’re all looking forward to getting outside more with our dogs this spring. If you are looking for a fun new activity, Frisbee is an exciting game for both you and your dog!


Frisbee novice? Try the Chuckit Flying Squirrel!

This toy is great for dogs just learning how to play and catch! The Flying Squirrel has a short flight path, so your dog does not have to run as far or fast. It also has a high arc so your pup has plenty of time to line up the perfect catch! This is a better choice for dogs who don’t have as much stamina but still want to play. The unique shape makes it easy for pups to pick up, too!

Frisbee pro? Try the Ruffwear Hover Craft!

This easy-to-throw frisbee has a nice even glide with a very consistent flight path. This disc will FLY! Made with a molded foam core and a polyester covering, the Hover Craft has held up amazingly to catching, fetching, and tugging in my multi-dog household. You will get some impressive catches (and throws!) out of this one!

Frisbee Chewer? Try a West Paw Zisc!


If your pup has crunched up every frisbee in seconds, this rubber flyer may be your solution! While no frisbee is indestructible when it comes to a determined dog’s teeth, coming from West Paw you know this frisbee will be tougher than most. Plus, since it is made in the USA from BPA-free materials, you can even flip this disc over and use it as a water bowl when your pup needs to cool off! And there is always West Paw’s amazing guarantee.


“But…. what if my dog can’t catch!?” 

If your dog seems to lack mouth-to-eye coordination (or motivation) start with these tips!

TREATS! Spend 1-2 minutes tossing small bites of their meal to your pup before feeding. Waiting until before their meals will especially help an unmotivated dog, as they’re more likely to work for food when they’re hungry! (If their regular meal isn’t motivating enough, try cheese, baby carrots, or freeze dried meat treats!)

Work up to it! Start with the smallest possible toss, and be as consistent as possible with your throws. Build up their confidence and gradually increase the distance/height of the treat tosses. If they’re missing consistently, go back a step. Too many misses is discouraging for both of you!

Countdown! It may sound silly, but 3, 2, 1 - toss! will give a predictable routine to the game and help your dog focus and be ready for when you throw!

Bring in the frisbee! Once your pup is catching reliably, replace the treats with the frisbee, but continue the small tosses. If your pup seems uninterested in the frisbee, you can reward interactions with the frisbee with small treats. (Looked at the frisbee? Treat! Stepped on the frisbee? Treat! Picked up the frisbee? JACKPOT - many treats!) With a little practice, your pup will understand the game in no time! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and the time you’re spending with your dog - they will feed off your energy. If it’s fun for you, they will have fun too!

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