Earn rewards each time you shop with us!

​We have many loyal customers and we love to reward your loyalty! The Loyal Biscuit Rewards Program lets you earn rewards and redeem your rewards in many different ways.

In-Store Purchases - Fenway's Frequent Buyer Program:


 For every dollar spent on eligible purchases at any Loyal Biscuit location (in-store), you will receive one point. After 250 points, you will earn a $10 store reward - good for anything in the store!

These rewards work in any of our locations and are stored under your customer account, so there is nothing to hang on to and nothing to lose!


In addition to our in-store frequent shopper rewards, you and your pup (or cat!) can take advantage of our frequent bather rewards! After your 9th bath, your 10th one is FREE!

*Self-Serve Dog Wash is not available at our Hallowell location.

On-line Purchases & Astro Frequent Buyer Program:


Earn FREE food through Astro Loyalty! We keep track of the qualifying purchases of your pet's favorite foods (frozen raw, freeze-dried raw, dehydrated raw, canned, and kibble)!

There are no cards to carry around or UPCs & receipts to keep track of. Sign up with us during your next visit and download the Astro app to start keeping track!

***When shopping online, please create a new account with the same email and phone number you use for in-store frequent buyer redemption so we can ensure your purchases are applied to your account.  Automatic adding and redemption of Astro Loyalty points in the online store is coming soon!***

Download the Astro Loyalty App on your phone:


 Program Rules:

Fenway's Frequent Buyer Points Program (In-Store Rewards Only)

  1. Reward points are earned by purchasing any product in store other than the use of our Self-Serve Dog Wash stations.

  2. Reward points are earned only on eligible purchases of your pre-tax total made at a Loyal Biscuit Co.

  3. Reward points may only be redeemed on purchases from Loyal Biscuit Co., and you must spend at least $10 pre-tax in order to redeem your rewards points.

  4. Only one $10 store reward may be redeemed per visit. Unused rewards points will expire after 12 months.

  5. $10 store rewards have NO cash value.

  6. Reward points are not restored for returned items. Reward points are like coupons - once used, you cannot get it back.

  7. Reward points for store rewards are not earned through online purchases.

  8. Reward points for store rewards are not earned on the use of the Self-Serve Dog Wash as it has its own rewards program.

 Astro Free Food Program (Online and In-Store Rewards)

  1. Customers must be signed up through Astro Loyalty in order to be eligible for a free food credit.
  2. Qualifying food items must be purchased from Loyal Biscuit Co. (in-store OR online) to earn credit on your Astro Loyalty frequent buyer card(s).
  3. Frequent buyer card(s) will contain the same brand and size of product purchased. Customer is able to rotate (which we highly recommend!) flavors within the brand/size.
  4. Free food must be of equal or lesser value to the least expensive item(s) purchased, based on the manufacturer's program requirements.
  5. This is a manufacturer sponsored program and each brand has different rules. Some brands have time limits, some require personal information, some offer the free bag as the least expesive purchase, some have no limitations. Please ask us for details about the brand(s) you are feeding.