Fenway Fund Recipients
Fenway Fund recipients

July 2019 Recipients

  • PAWS Animal Adoption Center - Rockport, Maine: $1,600 grant for a feline recovery room at their current location. By establishing a permanent and adequately equipped recovery room, the shelter will be able to expand their capacity to care for sick and injured felines as well as shorten the recovery time for felines that come through their doors. 

  • SPCA of Hancock County - Trenton, Maine: $6,000 grant for the installation of new garage doors to their outdoor kennels which will provide adequate protection for the dog's in their care during the winter months, as well as provide increased space in their kennel area.

  • Thomaston Dog Park - Thomaston, Maine: $1,000 grant for the construction of a permanent storage shed at their facility to safely house maintenance equipment. The secure storage of the park's equipment will allow volunteers easier access to the tools to help maintain the property, providing a clean and pleasant environment for the dog community.

  • Waldo County Pet Food Pantry - Belfast, Maine: $2,500 grant to aid in the funding of their 2019 rabies clinics, spay and neuter program, and emergency vet care for residents within Knox and Waldo counties. These programs allow for families to receive proper care for their pets without the fear of needing to relinquish them due to financial burden. Their programs provide low-cost care for citizens and free care for Veterans.

March 2020 Recipients

  • Humane Society Waterville Area - Waterville, Maine: $1,300 grant for the purchase of an ultrasound machine to help in the diagnoses of pregnancies for cats that arrive at the shelter.

  • Maine Greyhound Placement Services - Augusta, Maine: $6,700 grant to aid in the funding of redesigning their fenced in area for their rescues. In addition, a new section of fencing will be added for emergencies should they need to evacuate the greyhounds from the kennels.

  • Underhound Railroad - Durham, Maine: $2,000 grant for the creation of a website. This will allow them to have a functioning website to post available animals and accept online applications, helping to find homes for their rescues in a more timely manner then what their current resources allow.

March 2021 Recipients

  • Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland - Westbrook, Maine: $1,500 grant to purchase a neonatal incubator to aid in the care of neonatal kittens.
  • Finally Home Senior Rescue - North Yarmouth, Maine: $6,000 grant for the construction of a new housing room for the senior dogs in their care. Laurie Dorr has opened her home to many senior animals, and with this addition to her home, she will be able to house even more senior animals needing her care.

  • Midcoast Humane - Brunswick, Maine: $3,000 grant to purchase universal microchipping scanners for their local area Animal Control Officers. Having microchip scanners available will allow the ACOs to bypass the need to bring lost animals to the local shelter. Should the pet have a microchip, the ACO will be able to contact the family directly and return them home.

  • PALS No-Kill Cat Shelter - Winthrop, Maine: $2,375 grant to purchase an ultrasound machine and IV fluid warming unit allowing them to provide in house veterinary care to animals in need at their shelter.

  • PAWS Animal Adoption Center - Rockport, Maine: $1,500 grant to provide a safe, temporary boarding room for animals of domestic abuse victims. Oftentimes if there is an animal present in the house, domestic abuse victims will not want to leave them behind. PAWS will be able to provide them with a safe location to board their pets while they seek out necessary help without the fear of losing their companion animals.

​September 2021 Recipients

  • Finally Home Senior Rescue - North Yarmouth, Maine: $4,130 grant to purchase and install a heat pump that will better control the climate in their newly constructed addition that houses the senior dogs in their care.

  • PAWS Animal Adoption Center - Rockport, Maine: $2,000 grant for the installation of a sound system within their building to provide the animals in their care with relaxing music.
  • Pope Memorial Humane Society - Thomaston, Maine: $5,000 grant which will allow them to update their Animal Control Officer drop off room. Their goal is to provide a more relaxing, stress-free environment for animals that are dropped off during non-shelter hours.

​March 2022 Recipients

  • Charley's Strays - Clinton, Maine: $517.43 grant to purchase a new digital camera to take photos of dogs and cat waiting for adoption. 

  • PAWS Animal Adoption Center - Camden, Maine: $3,500 grant for a new dental machine to take care of the dental health of animals in their care.
  • Misfits Rehab - Auburn, Maine: $5,000 grant which will allow them to build a beaver enclosure for the beavers that are being rehabbed in their care.
  • Mission Working Dogs - Oxford, Maine: $2,100 grant for fencing at their new facility. Mission Working Dogs trains service and therapy dogs. 
  • Humane Society Waterville Area - Waterville, Maine: $1,250 grant to being a Trap, Neuter, Release program. 

  • SPCA of Hancock County - Trenton, Maine: $1,600 grant for the purchase of micro-chip enabled cat feeders, allowing cats with special dietary needs to be socialized in group cat rooms. 

​August 2022 Recipients

  • Charley's Strays - Clinton, Maine: $1,975.56 for a portable generator to keep the shelter going during power outages.

  • PAWS Animal Adoption Center - Camden, Maine: $4,000 grant for a Canine Recovery Monitor that will allow them monitor animals as they recover from surgery, allowing them to spay and neuter more animals in house for not only their shelter, but other local shelters as well.
  • Mission Working Dogs - Oxford, Maine: $3,900 grant to complete their fencing at their new facility. Mission Working Dogs trains service and therapy dogs. 

​March 2023 Recipients

  • Pope Memorial Humane Society - Thomaston, Maine: $3,030.52 for the installation of stall mats for their outside Dog Pavilion. The project will provide a safe space for shelter dogs to get exercise, training and enrichment outside while waiting to be adopted. The current floor is concrete and has proven to be unsafe for dogs to play on, especially when wet. The mats will help ensure the safety of the dogs with a solid, uniform floor covering for them to be on.  


  • PAWS Animal Adoption Center - Camden, Maine: $1,914.92 for an Otoscope and Microscope for the PAWS Cares Community Veterinary Clinic. PAWS has expanded their community wellness initiative into a new Community Vet Clinic that provides veterinary care to pet owners who are struggling or cannot afford to see a private veterinarian. In addition to providing care to the community, they also use their medical center to help other Maine shelters care for animals waiting to be adopted. 
  • Maine Paws for Veterans - Topsham will receive a $500 grant for the creation and publication of a coloring book to help explain their Psychiatric Service Dog Training to children. Their mission is to not only support the veteran, but their family as well. This coloring book will be available to families, as well as used to help educate children about service dogs through public outreach.  

​Nov 2023 Recipients

  • Finally Home Senior Rescue in North Yarmouth will receive a grant for $1,800 to repair their fencing ruined in a storm. They currently have 15 senior dogs in their care and the fence will ensure the dogs are safe and secure while enjoying the outside, or going out for the business break

  • Humane Society Waterville Area in Waterville will receive a grant of $700 to help with their Silver Street Colony Control Project.  Anyone in the Waterville area knows that cat population on Silver Street is large and needs a special focus to be improved. These funds will be used to help defray much of the costs associated with paying and neutering the cats on Silver Street. 

  • Milo Penquis Animal Welfare Sanctuary in Milo will receive $1,500 for the installation of windows in their all season porch addition. This will create a year-round, safe space for the cats in their care - giving them seven windows to bask in the sun and watch the world around them. 
  • Darrowby Farm in Jefferson will receive a $1,500 grant for the addition of gutters to their barn. In 2022, they created a pig barn, but with the heavy rains, it was discovered gutters were needed for the safety of their animals. The mud created from the lack of gutters caused several pigs to have hoof infections due to the depth of the mud they needed to pass through. The gutters will also create a much safer work environment for the humans and living area for the animals. Darrowby Farm was founded in 2019 to provide lifelong homes for abused, neglected, and abandoned farmed animals and horses.