What's in your bowl?
What's in Your Bowl?

Loyal Biscuit Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian or doctor. 


Nutrition is our favorite subject at the Loyal Biscuit!

Our whole team all feeds something different, for different reasons.

Keep reading to see what Heidi puts in her pet's bowls, and why.

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Here is what Heidi feeds Fenway, Chuck, George, Piper, and Meredith...

From Heidi: While I would love to feed straight raw to all of my animals, they are big, and that can make it cost prohibitive, so I incorporate as much as I can.

  • Piper (13.7 lb pug, 10 months old) gets straight raw, usually Northwest Naturals, but I mix it up some with Primal and Stella, and I always rotate proteins.  She also gets a little Primal Goats Milk (helps with digestion, inflammation, and a great way to add moisture to their diet!) and Primal Bone Broth (also helps with digestion, aids in liver support & joint health, and is a a great way to add more moisture).  
  • Fenway (10.5 years old, 75lb), Chuck (7.5 years old, 51 pounds), George (5.5 years old, 49 pounds) all start with a base of Orijen Fit & Trim. Fenway needs to be a low fat diet, and the boys do well on this too. I then add Nupro Silver for joint health - Fenway has had ACL surgery and George has a plate in his hip), some Primal Goat's Milk and Primal Bone Broth (for all kinds of health benefits AND moisture), and they also get a dose of Super Snouts Oil (which I forgot in the video) to also help with overall health. I then add warm water to add even more moisture to their diets (really helps with skin & coat, kidney & bladder, and overall health).  I will often supplement with some frozen raw or freeze dried nuggets to add even more fresh to their diets.

  • Meredith (5 years old, 10ish pound Coon Cat) gets raw. I mix it up quite a bit for her, but right now, she is on Primal Pork Nuggets and she is LOVING the pork! Since putting her on a raw diet at 6 months old (she gets no kibble, but will get canned food if I forget the raw), her poop doesn't stink and it no longer gets caught in her long fur. YAY for non-stinky litter boxes!!

You can help unleash your pets RAW potential! ANY fresh you can add to your pet's diet helps! Even just starting with adding warm water to the kibble can go a long way.  Add some Goats Milk or Bone Broth - they will love it! Or, pick up a bag of nuggets and you can reduce the amount of kibble by 1/8 - 1/4 cup and replace that with JUST one 1 oz nugget! They will love it, it helps cut down on the carbs, AND provides some much needed moisture into their diets. 

I forgot to keep the video rolling to show how much they love dinner - so here is part two!!