Hiking With Pets 101

Hiking is a great activity to do with friends, family, alone, or even with a furry friend! There are so many great health benefits when it comes to hiking. Like most cardio exercises, hiking helps reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, osteoporosis, and arthritis! 

When hiking with your dog, it is always important to check the rules and regulations of the park you are visiting. Most national parks welcome dogs to enter the park, but they require that dogs be on a leash and not enter certain areas of the park. Aside from that, make sure you are aware of your dog’s physical health and well-being. Ask yourself, “Is my dog ready?”, “Do they need medication or vaccination?”, “Will my dog be safe?”, and/or “Is my dog’s immune system good?”. 

The duration of the hike will depend on you! Make sure you have all the necessities needed for a happy, successful walk. No hike or walk is complete without these dog essentials: 

Walking for hours without pit stops is not good for you or your dog’s body. Taking a rest occasionally on your hikes is important as it is a good time to refuel with water or snacks. Do make sure your dog is hydrated throughout the hike as it prevents dehydration and overheating. One way to identify dehydration is by looking at the dog’s nose- if it is dry, this means your dog is under-hydrated or dehydrated. 

Keep the trails clean by picking up after your dog! The Earth Rated poop bags are leak proof to ensure the contents stay secure in the bag and off your hands. You could also use a DooLoopA DooLoop is a lightweight, easy to attach on the dog or leash, poop bag holder that can hold multiple waste bags so you’re always prepared on walks.

Down below you’ll see Maine trails that are dog friendly and were suggested by the team here at Loyal Biscuit Co. Take a look- if one is near you, enjoy a relaxing walk through nature with your furry friends. Check the park’s level of difficulty before heading out- the suggested ones range from easy to moderately strenuous. You can also use Maine Trail Finder (https://www.mainetrailfinder.com/)  to find other trails not listed here.

Happy hiking! 


  • Lilly Pond Community Forest 
  • Neptune Woods
  • Woodward Cove
  • Whiskeag Trail
  • Thorne Head Preserve
  • Noble Hill Preserve


  • McLellan-Poor Preserve
  • Stover Preserve
  • Head of Tide
  • Moose Point State Park
  • Ducktrap River Preserve 
  • Sears Island- Homestead Trail


  • Maple Street Park
  • River City Trail
  • Brewer Riverwalk 
  • Sherwood Forest Park Trail
  • Indian Trail Park
  • Cascade Park


  • Erickson Fields 
  • Beech Hill Preserve
  • Georges Highland Path - Oyster River Bog
  • Bald Mountain Trail 
  • Camden Hills State Park - Shoreline Trail
  • Maiden’s Cliff
  • PenBay Community Wellness Trail 


  • Rockland Breakwater 
  • Rockland Boardwalk
  • Ash Point Preserve
  • Birch Point State Park
  • George’s Highland Path


  • Oxbow Trail
  • Quarry Road Recreational Area
  • Inland Woods Trails and Pine Ridge Loop
  • Winslow Community Trails
  • Fort Halifax Park 

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