Meet The Team Member: Emily!
Everyone meet Emily!
Emily has always loved all animals big and small since she was a kid. You've probably seen her working in our Waterville store! She moved to the Waterville area to finish her schooling, but half way through she wasn't too sure on what she really wanted to do.
Emily has loved working with animals and loved helping people! She says, "I was fortunate as I was applying for a couple jobs, I came across this cute pet store, but it wasn't just any pet store. A nutritional appropriate pet store. Working here has really opened my eyes to the whole pet food industry. I really love my job where I can help people and their animals, also I finally have some use for all my random animal facts."
Emily is a proud Mama of three crazy kitties (Raven, Cookie, and Nolan) and have plenty of dogs and cats back home that she gets to spoil too. We are very grateful to have someone like Emily on our team here at LBC! Thank you, Emily for all that you do for us and your customers!
Meet the team!

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