Water Safety Tips for Dogs

The summer season has finally arrived here in Maine and I know there are many happy dogs looking forward to a dip in the lake! 

We all love a great lake (or ocean!) day, but make sure to follow these tips to ensure the safety of your four-legged friends!

Water safety tips for dogs:

  • Never leave your dog unattended around water. This includes pools, lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Even the strongest swimmer can have an emergency and if you're not there to help, things can go wrong very quickly.
  • Get your dog a life jacket. This is especially important if you plan on taking your dog boating or fishing. A life jacket will help keep your dog afloat if they get tired or are struggling in the water. Canada Pooch and Ruffwear are two great options! https://www.loyalbiscuit.com/collections/dog-apparel  If you bring your dog into one of our six locations, we can help you find the perfect size!Pug in lifejacket
  • Be aware of the current. If you're swimming in a river or a lake, be aware of the current and how it could affect your dog. If the current is too strong, it could sweep your dog away. 
  • Watch out for hazards. There are a number of hazards that dogs can encounter in the water, including sharp objects, algae, and other animals, like freshwater clams. 
  • Take breaks. Swimming can be tiring for dogs, so take breaks often. Allow your dog to rest in the shade and drink plenty of fresh water. Make sure to bring fresh drinking water (especially to the beach!) so doggies aren't tempted to drink the salt or lake water. This Messy Mutts Water Bottle with built in bowl makes it easy! https://www.loyalbiscuit.com/products/mess-d-travel-water-bottle-bowl-blue?_pos=6&_sid=65c22d35b&_ss=r
  • Rinse your dog off after swimming. Saltwater, chlorine, and other chemicals in the water can irritate your dog's skin and coat. Rinse your dog off with fresh water after swimming to help prevent irritation. Even better, bring them into one of our LBC dog washes to get them squeaky clean and let us clean up the mess! https://www.loyalbiscuit.com/pages/dog-wash

Here are some additional tips for keeping your dog safe in and around water:

  • Introduce your dog to water slowly and gradually. Not all dogs are natural swimmers, so it's important to introduce them to water slowly and gradually. Start by letting your dog splash around in a shallow pool or stream. Once they're comfortable with that, you can gradually introduce them to deeper water.
  • Teach your dog how to get in and out of the water. If you have a pool, teach your dog how to get in and out of the pool safely. You can do this by showing them the steps or a ramp that they can use to climb out.
  • Be patient and understanding. Some dogs take longer to learn how to swim than others. Be patient and understanding with your dog and they'll eventually get the hang of it.

By following these tips, you can help keep your dog safe and healthy when they're in or around water.

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