What Ashleigh Feeds... (Part 1)

Hi! I'm Ashleigh and I manage the Brewer store. I'll just rip the band-aid off: I have 6 dogs. Yup! 6. (And yes, my husband is a patient man, I know!) Our dogs are Charlie, Mo, Whyn, Ned, McCoy, and Ty. They range from 1 – 10 years old and from 13-75 pounds.

I am very fortunate that even with my mixed household, I don't have any food allergies or special dietary needs. All of my dogs get the same meals, just in different amounts.

Variety is so important to me! Our dogs get a mix of different food preparations (kibble, dehydrated, and frozen raw) every day. Each time I buy a type of food I rotate the flavors, brands, and grains/grain free. I also try to add something truly fresh right from the fridge daily - making sure that it's dog safe, of course!

My general breakfast ratios are: ½ kibble + ½ dehydrated + something from the fridge + warm water. I always add water to kibble and dehydrated foods to replace the moisture the ingredients lost in the process of making them shelf-stable.

This picture shows a typical breakfast! The kibble is a 50/50 mix of Fromm Gold Adult (grain-inclusive) and Orijen Original (grain free). For dehydrated I used Sojo's grain free beef. The greenery is kale that was left over after making soup for the humans. What you can't see is the Honest Kitchen Dehydrated goat's milk that is mixed in for probiotics and deliciousness.

They all get SO excited for meals because they never know what will be in their bowls!

What we feed

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