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Hi! I'm Kathy and I work in our Camden-Rockport store.

These are my sweethearts, Dolly is an eight year-old golden lab mix, Penny is a two year-old beagle, and Luna is a thirteen year-old wheaten terrier mix.  Dolly and Penny will eat anything, and in Dolly's case sometimes it is what she can find while counter surfing. They both get a base of Orijen Regional Red or Six Fish kibble and to that I add a small amount of Sojo's mix-a-meal Fruit and Veggie grain free. This is a great way to get some fruits, vegetables and moisture into their diet and they really enjoy it! The last thing I add is a pump of Grizzly Pollock Oil to each bowl, this helps promote healthy skin and coat.
Luna is very picky about her food and she has a few health issues. I start with a base of Orijen kibble just like the other girls, and to that I add some Stella & Chewy's Meal Mixer's in chicken (has to be chicken!). She is deaf and blind but still has a great sense of smell so the chicken gets her interest! I also add a little Dave's Restricted Diet Farmyard blend canned food as she has elevated kidney levels and this is a great way to bring that down. She has kidney tests every three months and I have definitely seen an improvement since switching to this!
What we feed

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