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Hi, I'm Robin and I work in our Belfast store.  Luke is an active 9 year old yellow Lab with no special dietary needs. He acts years younger than he is and shows no signs of slowing down. Being a typical Lab, his favorite things in life are food and whatever ball is available (tennis, baseball, softball, soccer, you get the picture). Joey is a 4 year old Pug/Beagle mix (yes, a Puggle!) that spent a long time plagued by allergies.

Luke's typical dinner is a 50/50 mix of either Steve's Real Food (raw) or Primal raw and Orijen kibble. Joey is on a strictly raw diet, using either Steve's or Primal. I only use neutral or cooling proteins due to Joe's previous allergy issues, and I always rotate proteins. We usually alternate between beef, pork, and turkey.

One of the things I love about Steve's and Primal raw diets, and Orijen kibble, is the fact that there are no vitamins added - my pets are getting nutrients from the food, not a vitamin pack.  Both of these guys get Grizzly Salmon oil added to their bowls for the many health benefits of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (heart, eyes, skin & coat, joints, etc).

Joey has officially been off medication and allergy-free for 7 months now, which I can only attribute to a raw diet and the addition of Primal bone broth and Primal raw goat milk to his diet! Both of these help to boost the immune system and heal the lining of the gut. The finishing touch to this, is that I always add water to their food, especially when there is kibble included.

Mealtime for these two is pure happiness.
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