Bear & Rat Frozen PB & Bacon Yogurt 3.5oz

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This item is currently only available for curbside pickup or in-store purchase as we cannot ship items in excess of 20lbs. and/or frozen items.


A FUN alternative to ice cream! Bear & Rat Frozen PB & Bacon Yogurt 3.5oz frozen yogurt cup is good for both cats and dogs and is formulated specifically for your pet with no sugar added and contains no wheat, soy, gluten, artifical flavors, or colors and no artificial preservatives! Each 3.5 fl. oz. cup contains one serving of InClover’s Optagest ® Digestive Aid, a complete prebiotic and plant enzyme blend supporting intestinal balance and a healthy immune system. Clinical levels of organic inulin in Optagest ® act as an ideal food source for preferred native canine or feline gut bacteria, aiding healthy and balanced digestion. 

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