Koha D/C FD Topper Beef 8oz

Sale price$19.99


Top off your pet's meals the healthy & tasty way with Koha Freeze-Dried Toppers! These healthy & flavorful meal toppers are made with a wholesome raw formula your pet will love! Made with high-quality antibiotic and hormone-free raw meats freeze-dried for maximum freshness and flavor! All meats locally-sourced in the USA. Features formulas with 96% meat, organs, and bone. Added probiotics for good digestive health. Limited-ingredient formulas for pets with food sensitivities or allergies. Perfect for picky pets! Add a scoop or two onto your pet's meals for a nutritious and delicious food topper! A great way to add some fresh raw into your pet's diet! Formulated for both dogs and cats. Proudly made in small batches! Made in USA.

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